Kat Lyons

Born in 1991 at Louisville, Kentucky.
Kat Lyons’s practice explores the complexities of earthly life to question the limitations of human categorisation and understanding.

Her compositions aim to transcend anthropocentric realities by presenting her subjects across various planes of existence, challenging normative frameworks of perception and welcoming the natural world as a force of agential and moral significance.

Lyons is interested in the experience of nonhuman beings living in a human-dominated world, recognising their service as both physical and symbolic capital. Lyons looks toward histories of nonhuman use for human advancement to reckon with our current and future relations, including: biomedical studies, agricultural modifications, and technological explorations. 

Her theatrical vignettes of nonhuman animals and vegetation are wrought with both an eeriness and beauty to imply these phenomena are not inextricable experiences – rather they are entwined in the common experience of all life on earth.

She participated in the collective exhibition Au-delà (2023) at Lafayette Anticipations, Paris.