Lives and works in Paris, France.
Erwan Ha Kyoon Larcher is a protean artist.

With a background in circus, dance and theatre (CNAC and CNSAD), he co-created the Ivan Mosjoukine collective with Tsirihaka Harrivel & Vimala Pons with "De Nos Jours [Notes on the Circus]" in 2012 at Les Subsistances - Lyon. He has collaborated with a number of artists (Christophe Honoré, Damien Manivel, Philippe Quesne, Clédat & Petitpierre, Phia Ménard, Marcela Santander Corvalàn, etc.) and danced during the dances at Les Subsistances in Lyon. ) and has danced during Rebeka Warrior's dj sets.
He created his first solo RUINE at the CENTQUATRE-PARIS (currently on tour) in 2019 and a short version "Envers Amour" for the re-opening of La Station Gare-des-Mines / Paris in September 2020.
In July 2022, he was invited by La SACD and the Festival d'Avignon to create PROMETTRE with dancer Taos Bertrand.

Under the name HA KYOON, he tours concert halls and clubs, sharing the stage with artists such as Angel Karel, Dopplereffekt, Metaraph, UVB76, Rebeka Warrior, Heimat, IV Horsemen, Jung An Tagen, MIND/MATTER, Ascendant Vierge, Flavia Laus, Pelada (...) and has played in Paris, Brussels, Seoul, Busan, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg etc.
In June 2019, he will compose and play live the music for the GAMUT SS20 fashion show;  Invited by the German label MMODEMM and the Theater Mousonturm in Frankfurt in April 2020, he will produce the first version of "Inverted Méditation - Die Sicht der Wirbel": a one-hour musical act balancing on his head, invited by the German label MMODEMM and the Theater Mousonturm in Frankfurt.
He is a member of Maulwürfe, a group of moles initiated by P.Quesne, and has released EPs on WARRIORECORDS , Chroniques Records and TSA Records.