Eva Prouteau

Éva Prouteau is an art historian and art critic. She writes for numerous artists and institutions catalogues, and regularly contributes to the magazines 303 and Zérodeux.

Latest publications: monograph Daniel Nadaud (amac éditions, October 2022); monograph Vincent Olinet (Dilecta, October 2022); Serpent d'Océan, Huang Yong Ping (Éditions Canopé, September 2022); Une saison thermique, poems for Séverine Bascouert & Sammy Stein (September 2022); a text on the cooperative choreography of effacement in urban space (Revue 303, September 2022). Coming soon: Il nous faudra nous masquer, a text on Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore and an editorial direction around the theme of masks (Revue 303, November 2022).