Dahlia Rebecca

Dahlia Rebecca is a young multidisciplinary artist: producer, visual artist, performer and singer, she is currently studying at the Beaux-Arts in Paris.

A graduate of the ECAL (Bachelor of Visual Arts) and the Paris Conservatoire, she mixes acoustic instruments such as the clarinet, violin and cello with unstructured productions and field recording. 
Water For Aircrafts is her first solo project, a four-track EP composed by the artist and produced in collaboration with producer Roseboy666. Water For Aircrafts, conceived as an electronic opera, is a tale of sentimental and dramatic ballads, an odyssey of intimacy and lyrical flights.
A multi-faceted artist, she accompanies her musical work with visual and performance research, building a rich visual universe imbued with nostalgia and sensitivity. 
She uses the body in movement and the voice as two raw materials to tackle issues of confrontation between traditional and contemporary concert/performance/show practices, the performativity of the musician, the relationship with the audience/mob/pogo in its expectations and reactions, and the amplification/destruction of the performer's ego.