Sarah Teraha

Sarah Teraha is a PhD candidate at EHESS.

After a master's thesis on the artist and musician Laurie Anderson, she has been conducting a doctoral research project since October 2021 that aims to reassess the position of sound in the New York art scene between the early 1970s and the late 1980s.

Two artists - Vito Acconci and Laurie Anderson - and then a rock band - Sonic Youth - allow her to exemplify the boundaries of a historical and aesthetic network within which performance and rock influence and infiltrate each other to reveal, at their intersection, sound as an autonomous and active category in the New York art scene.

Each of these artists, standing at the threshold of plural practices, produces a filiation in which sound asserts itself as mobile and protean, revealing links between literature, art and music. By extension, they allow us to examine sound in the arts as the engine of a simultaneous permeability between avant-garde and popular culture.