Picking fragments from the continuous flow of words and opinions that circulate daily, the Amsterdam-based artist Nora Turato creates text works with a touch of “déjà vu”.
Collecting absurd, suprising or evocative comments, Nora Turato is inspired by the omnipresence and power of langage as it describes our condition and outlook on the world. Especially for Lifetime, the artist offers a series of 5 works for free download - imagined as screen savers! Partly commissioned by Museum für Gegenwartskunst Siegen ⇪ thanks, i hate it_iphone ⇪ my small screen distracts me from my big screen_4k ⇪ let’s never be like that_smartphone_tablet ⇪ it seems the ice cream licked back ⇪ i wake up and go insane_ipad