Date: 2014
Medium: Twelve offset prints on bible paper (unlimited edition)
Dimensions: 75 x 50 cm
Courtesy: Modern Institute Gallery, Glasgow
Scott Myles was resident at Lafayette Anticipations - Fondation d'entreprise Galeries Lafayette, in February and March. He conducted research for two separate projects. His interest in Guy Debord led him to assemble documents on this French intellectual. He is also developing research on the advent of the industrial era and more specifically on the marginal conflicts that accompanied it. In this context, he is interested in the Luddite rebellion that took place in England in the early 19th century.
The action of layering ideas and materials is inherent within Scott Myles’ artistic practice. With “Potlatch”, the artist wishes to initiate a subtle intervention that involves the wrapping and containment of objects, and the gifting of an artwork within a situation of commerce. “Potlatch” entails the temporary replacement of the white tissue paper used to wrap purchased goods in Lafayette Maison with stacks printed with twelve colour photographs of Guy Debord’s home, took in Champot. Participation in the project occurs when someone purchases goods in the department store.