CONCORDIA 01 is the debut instalment in an ongoing series of nocturnal performance films by Lafawndah and Trustfall.
Armed with a centuries-spanning songbook and an unmistakable visual style, the CONCORDIA series is intended as a bridge from waking to sleeping. Here, dream and fantasy are spiked with the artists’ signature lysergic touch and musical unpredictability. In this episode, specially created for Lifetime, Lafawndah and Trustfall follow the red thread between Beverley Glenn Copeland, Throbbing Gristle, Scott Walker, Pentangle, and Brigitte Fontaine + Areski Belkacem. By turns terse, expansive, sensual and scorched, these songs are explored for their mystery and playfulness. The CONCORDIA series aims to uncover the immense in the intimate. These are ballads for the frontier incidents between one world and the other. *Film by Claire Arnold, Set Design and Lighting by Ylan Lucas ⇪ Lafawndah's Website ⇪ Lafawndah's Facebook ⇪ Lafawndah's Instagram ⇪ Lafawndah's Twitter
⇢ Lifetime #28 | CONCORDIA 01, Lafawndah and Trustfall