In preparation for the 2015, 2016 and 2017 Art + Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon campaigns, Lafayette Anticipations welcomes in its Hub a series of workshops to develop the skills of everyone in the production and sharing of knowledge on the Internet, while becoming aware of the imbalances that cross it.
Since December 2015, the web publishing series “The Present of Our Knowledge” has been providing, alongside artists, the tools to share and produce knowledge on the internet, while examining their constituent imbalances. What is the nature of the spaces, issues and forms of action in this new knowledge ecology? Whose voices are missing and how can this be remedied? Through these sessions, the functioning of Wikipedia platform, its structure, its rules of language and collaboration, are analyzed and put into perspective. Participants are guided to act in a balanced and relevant way on the platform, taking into account gender inequalities. The epicene language in french, without mark of gender, is introduced in particular. The first two workshops, respectively led by artist Katinka Bock and choreographer Emmanuelle Huynh, made it possible to create, in collaboration with Kvardek du, articles on Miriam Cahn and choreographer Jennifer Lacey. The third workshop, led by Marie Voignier and Kvardek du, discussed women editors in cinema, Claire Atherton, and the films of Chantal Akerman. The fourth workshop brought together the artist Rayyane Tabet, La Quadrature du Net and Bibliothèque sans frontières. Tabet presented the first volume of André Malraux's book, Le Musée Imaginaire de la sculpture mondiale, on statuary. The workshop consists of scanning a selection of pages from the book with the BookScanner of La Quadrature du Net. It is then distributed on a KoomBook, a portable and autonomous digital library created by Bibliothèque sans Frontières. The KoomBook and the BookScanner are free, open source and openhardware projects that will be taught at the workshop. It is with the artist Kapwani Kiwanga that “The Present of Our Knowledge” continues its collaboration with La Quadrature du Net and Bibliothèque sans frontières for a fifth workshop.ami, Une nouvelle façon d'écrire mon nom is a book written in 1982 by African feminist and activist poet Audre Lorde (1934-1992). Hybrid between autobiography and fiction, this biomythology inspired Kapwani Kiwanga in the early days of her artistic practice, while she were studying anthropology in Canada and working in feminist groups. The sixth session preparing for the Editathon 2017 introduced the work of José Esteban Muñoz and the notion of disidentification. The artist Tarek Lakhrissi shared with us his encounter with this concept through his poetry and his filmmaking work, especially with the film Diaspora / Situations (2016) of which we have seen some excerpts. In parallel, some passages from Muñoz's book have been read. It was a first mapping of this concept to prepare for its writing on the Wikipedia platform alongside Kvardek du. The seventh session of the “The Present of Our Knowledge”, were under the aegis of José Esteban Muñoz and the disidentification, we focused on one aspect of the artistic practice of disidentification alongside the artist Rebecca Chaillon: the passage. For the eighth session, the artist Paul Maheke accompanied us on another side of the disidentification. The tactic of ignorance was discussed and addressed. February 22, 2017 The Present of Our Knowledge #8, Performing the identity. With Paul Maheke. February 1, 2017 The Present of Our Knowledge #7, The disidentification as a passage. With Rebecca Chaillon. January 10, 2017 The Present of Our Knowledge #6, Meet the disidentification. With Tarek Lakhrissi and Kvardek du. November 22, 2016 The Present of Our Knowledge #5, Audre Lorde, Zami, A new way to write my name. With Kapwani Kiwanga, La Quadrature du Net, and Bibliothèque sans Frontières. October 14, 2016 The Present of Our Knowledge #4, André Malraux, Le Musée Imaginaire de la sculpture mondiale, Volume I, The Statuary, 1952. With Rayyane Tabet, La Quadrature du Net, and Bibliothèque sans Frontières. February 22, 2016 The Present of Our Knowledge #3: Editors in the cinema, Claire Atherton and Chantal Akerman's films with Marie Voignier & Kvardek du. January 20, 2016 The Present of Our Knowledge #2: "Jennifer Lacey" with Emmanuelle Huynh & Kvardek du. December 15, 2015 The Present of Our Knowledge #1: "Miriam Cahn" with Katinka Bock & Kvardek du. A program conceived by Flora Katz.