Agata Ingarden's practice revolves around investigations in the fields of the humanities, science fiction and mythical stories. She works with multiple media, including installation, sculpture and video.

For her new installation designed in our workshops, Agata Ingarden is inspired by the rescue dummy - an anthropomorphic figure used for drowning rescue training. Through this object reproduced in various types of wood, symbols of the vital force of the elements, Ingarden explores this contemporary totem of relationship to the other, of empathy and a united struggle for survival.

Other motifs gravitate around these sculptures: mushrooms inlaid on the mannequin, opening up a reflection on alternative forms of life and their invisible networks; engraved textile objects linking the structures together... An autonomous ecosystem composing a narrative on the different expressions of the power of life.

Agata Ingarden | À l'oeuvre 2020
View of Rescue Dummies (2021 ) at Pinchuk Art Centre for the Future Generation Artprize