From the wasteland, Flavien Berger

First broadcast 89 days ago

From the wasteland, Flavien Berger

This tape is the harvest of a year and a half of fallow land, sprouts of compositions, wild pieces, fantasies for the wasteland, celebrating the dandelion, freedom and untamed grasses.
From the wasteland (De la friche) is a serie of musical studies on urban vegetation, a kind of plantasia but more streetwise, a modest bouquet for pickers on a stroll.

Mostly instrumental, it also features a collaboration with Bilou, and a poem by Maya de Mondragon.

The cassette will be released on Pan European Recording during autumn and will be on sale at the Foundation's shop, A Rebours.

Crédit image: Maya de Mondragon.
Thursday 02 Sep 2021
from 07 pm to 08 pm


By playing with words to create love stories, by testing swirling sounds, the self-taught composer quickly made a name for himself by bringing a fresh wind to the French scene.

Flavien Berger, a member of the Collectif sin~ working on experimentation, has always been interested in tinkering with machines. On this point, his style is hard to define.

The Parisian frees himself from it, skilfully mixing frantic passages and long synthesizer tracks. Flavien Berger plays on the variations of dynamics and the listener wanders between dazzling climbs and dark descents.

Listening to his records or seeing him play live confirms his genius for taking the audience into a deep emotional experience, full of imagination.



Written and composed by Flavien Berger

"Germs" written and composed by Flavien Berger and Bilou

"De la Friche" written and read by Maya de Mondragon

Mastered by DK, Paris

Fields recordings : Oaxaca, Mexico; Kho Yao Noi, Thailand; Anderlecht, Belgium

Recorded in Brussels in 2020-2021


face a

variations dandelion i

vingt heures

doggo cc22

papuru savon

friche partout 1


variations dandelion ii

elles feront long feu

friche partout 2

internet miroir


face b

fantaisie nécéssaire


friche partout 3

chaudeville un et deux

Germs avec Bilou

chaudeville trois

il semblerait

variations dandelion iii

fantaisie du crépu

friche partout 4