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Mutant Stage

Editor: Lafayette Anticipations
Authors: Dimitri Chamblas, Amélie Coster
Graphic Designers: Virginie GauthierOffset
Photographers: Stéphane Perche
Size: 24x32 cm
Number of pages: 24
Nombre d\'illustrations : 40
Printing: Offset
Binding: sewn binding colorphast
Language: French - English
Date of release: Mar 2018
Price: Free
ISBN: 978-2-9563032-2-0

Acting as a partner of the evolving building and revealing its transformations, the Mutant Stage series was constructed simultaneously with the architectural project. Dance leaned against the old walls, prowled the rubble, hauled itself up the glass tower, and played with the heights, planes and verticalities. Over several months, an intertwined relationship was woven between the vacant and inhabited, destruction and elevation, space and time, structures and bodies. Thus, the construction site carried and housed the Fondation’s project: it was a place of creation. As the doors open to the public, ten films have already been conceived and shot at 9 rue du Plâtre; they carry the memory of these three years of architectural and artistic work.

Amélie Coster & Dimitri Chamblas