Will Benedict

Born in 1978 at Los Angeles (USA). Lives and works in Vienne (Autriche).
Will Benedict creates images whose composition disrupts the boundaries between the frame and the image, painting and reproduction, he tries to explore the conditions of the birth of an image and its methods of interpretation. The artist works the hybridization of techniques, where photography, painting, and drawing are combined.
He created with Lucie Stahl "Pro Choice", an alternative space in a pedestrian tunnel under the S-Bahn. His most recent solo exhibitions were held at Dependance gallery (Bruxelles) and at the Halle für Kunst (Lüneburg). Some the work he created during his residency at Lafayette Anticipations - Fondation d'entreprise Galeries Lafayette, were presented at Balice Hertling gallery (Paris).
View of the exhibition Venir Voir Venir, Will Benedict, from July 3rd to 6th 2014, Lafayette Anticipations, Paris

Exhibited at Lafayette Anticipations

Work from the Collection