Thomas Clerc

Thomas Clerc is a writer, columnist and performer.

He published Maurice Sachs le désœuvré in 2005 with Allia. Since 2007, all his books have been published by L'Arbalète/Gallimard: Paris, musée du XXIe siècle, le 10e arrondissement (2007), L'homme qui tua Roland Barthes et autres nouvelles (2010), Intérieur (2013), Poeasy (2017), Cave (2021). Guest of honour at the Xtra festival at the Centre Pompidou in September 2021, he also gives performances specially produced for the venue (Act'oral Marseille, Palais de Tokyo, Théâtre du Rond-Point, etc.). He is curator of the Edouard Levé exhibition at the Hervé Loevenbruck gallery in November-December 2022. Thomas Clerc is the author of L'Heptaèdre (2018), a play commissioned by Saâdane Afif, the plot of which was adapted by Yasmine d'O. to create the series of exhibitions presented at Bergen Assembly 2022.

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