Sati Veyrunes

Born in 1995 at Grenoble, France. Lives and works in Marseille, France.
Sati Veyrunes started out studying history, before training at the SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance).

Her artistic practice lies somewhere between dance and performance. In 2020, Oona Doherty gave her her solo HOPE HUNT (and the ascension into Lazarus), which she has since toured internationally. At the same time, they continued their collaboration on various film and choreographic projects, including Hunter Filmed (2021), and Navy Blue, premiered at Kampnagel - Hamburg (2022). In 2021, Benjamin Kahn began writing a solo for Sati, the second part of a trilogy*, which gave rise in 2023 to Bless the sound that saved a witch like me. She also works with Nach. As an author, Sati has embarked on a multidisciplinary writing project.

*The first part of the trilogy, entitled Sorry, But I Feel Slighlty Disidentified, with Cherish Menzo, was presented at the Echelle Humaine festival in 2020.