Gaëlle Choisne

Born in 1985.

Sensitive to contemporary issues, Gaëlle Choisne's practice reflects the complexity of the world, its political and cultural disorder, whether it be the overexploitation of nature, its resources or the vestiges of colonial history, where esoteric Creole traditions, myths and popular cultures are mixed.

Her projects are conceived as ecosystems of sharing and collaboration, pockets of "resistance" where new possibilities are created, notably with the Temple of Love project. Initiated from Roland Barthes' unpublished essay on love, Fragments d'un discours amoureux (1977), Gaëlle Choisne adds a political dimension to the concept of love by paying homage to invisibilised bodies, minority and fragile souls as well as dispossessed hearts.

Temple of Love is an evolving project that defines itself through its modes of appearance and genesis according to its invitations and location.

Œuvre de l'artiste