Jessica Sligter, Lafayette Anticipations
Jessica Sligter © Martin Argyroglo

Closer Music - Day 3

Pan Daijing + Lucy Railton + Jessica Sligter
6pm: Jessica Sligter (Norway)
Jessica Sligter is a complex artist who navigates between lyrical and baroque influences, and experimental synth. Her crooner vocals bring an almost folk feel to her productions, and set her apart from the rest of "intelligent dance music".

7.20pm: Lucy Railton (Great Britain)
Cellist Lucy Railton released her debut album, "Paradise 94", on Modern Love in 2018. Emerging from a long-term engagement with contemporary music, her recent work exists between modern instrumentalism, hard edged electronic composition and expressive musique concrète. Railton trained at the Royal Academy of Music in London where she is currently a guest lecturer. Her expansive and variegated interests have led to countless collaborations and international appearances, most recently with inventor and electronic music pioneer Peter Zinovieff, pianist Kit Downes, producer Beatrice Dillon, and composer Kali Malone. Alongside these collaborations, Railton regularly performs works by composers such as Alvin Lucier, Iannis Xenakis, Morton Feldman, and Pauline Oliveros.

8.15pm: Pan Daijing (China)
Fist Piece
Chinese-born and Berlin-based, Pan Daijing tears down barriers with her explorations of new territory on the fringes of noise, industrial and dance. Unconvinced by the album as a format for her work, her live performances push physical and visual limits to the extreme. Her aptly-named First Piece live set, which she recently premiered at the Berlin Atonal festival, is a bottomless box filled with dance, soprano voices, sounds and images. The result is unique in its genre.
Jessica Sligter, Lafayette Anticipations
Jessica Sligter © Martin Argyroglo
Closer Music, Lafayette Anticipations
Lucy Railton © Martin Argyroglo
Closer Music, Lafayette Anticipations
Pan Daijing © Martin Argyroglo

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