Information technology

Supported by its editorial mission, the information system of Lafayette Anticipations - beyond its traditional goal of placing an online infrastructure at the service of its users - addresses a novel ambition: to document in real time all the processes leading to the creation of works of art and to conserve these in a sustainable fashion as structured data.


Document and display artistic practices 

Application channel conceived along the principles of web data, ReSource is at the heart of the Lafayette Anticipations digital infrastructure. At once software for project management, documentation, living archive and communication, ReSource is based upon an ontology conceived by Mnemotix, a worker cooperative, using a reflexion and concertation process orchestrated by philosopher Alexandre Monnin, in collaboration with sociologist Jérôme Denis, that prioritizes participation, a distinguishing trait not only of 21st century art but also of the evolution of digital technology use in society. ReSource also takes its inspiration in the foundational work by Howard Becker, Art Worlds, highlighting the community of stakeholders and of skills that contribute to the creation of works of art. Most of the contents on this site are generated by ReSource and synchronized via an API. 

In 2017, the Fondation decided to diffuse ReSource as free software and to constitute a community of users, artists and institutions. The Villa Arson was the first to come on board, as part of the Ministry of Culture’s innovative digital project RFP.

ReSource is developed by Mnemotix, a worker cooperative.