Atelier E.B, Passer-by, Lafayette Anticipations
© Pierre Antoine

Stairs & Lacuna (Brussels/Rome)

Date: 2018
Medium: Stairs - Assembly of metal handrails with wood stairs Lacuna - Assembly of statues pieces with metal rods (plaster, brass, textile, wood)

Conceived and produced for Passer-by exhibition, these stairs pay tribute to Galeries Lafayette giving to the Art Nouveau handrails come from the department store and dismantled in 1974 a second use. It enables the visitor to take a much closer look at Lacuna and go to the Fondation's second floor.

Lacuna is conceived by Markus Proschek and Lucy McKenzie then produced in Lafayette Anticipations' workshop. It comprises six sculptural fragments that are copies of antique statues. Recreated by photogrammetry – the use of photography to ascertain measurements between objects – these forms have been modified by the artists to feature abstracted elements from Atelier E.B’s Jasperwear fashion collection arranged in the layout of a classical frieze. By highlighting the ‘dressed’ aspect of the statues, the artists draw attention to the fundamental similarities between sculpture and mannequins, and their equally pronounced differences.
Atelier E.B, Passer-by, Lafayette Anticipations
© Pierre Antoine

Production specifications

The Foundation team and the artists produce working elements and images of the works at different stages of production (sketches, mock-ups, prototypes, etc.).
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