Warm Up Session with Oona Doherty - Cancelled

Get juiced up for Lady Magma!
Oona will lead us through some of the material of the show and key intentions of the Lady Magma Ritual.
We will work on dragging up historical bloodlines of pleasure and pain. From a conversation with to our perineum.
We raise it up from the ground with the weight of centuries.
Dip our fingers into the thick golden honey of the cosmos witch will lead our joints into a funkadelic groove.
Then we will be ready to Roar.
Amen see you on the dance floor.

Warm Up Sessions : a training for the body and mind. From jumpstyle to ballet, from break dance to contemporary, practice then discuss the indispensable movements and gestures that anticipate a performance - the ultimate moment of sharing with an audience. Each Session will begin with a warm up led by the invited dancer or collective, and will be followed by a discussion on themes bridging body movements and social realities : the performativity of the human condition, circulations and physical disruptions in a decorporalized era. With the Warm Up Sessions, we aspire to associate bodily effort with mindful effervescence.

Recommended to wear comfortable clothes to move in, open to all.

Curated by Madeleine Planeix-Crocker.
Lafayette Anticipations

We are making every effort to postpone the event to a later date
from 04 pm to 06 pm

Free admission by reservation

10 May